The Wooden Reader

Collaborators: Nattakarn Tapasanan
Duration: One Week
Course: Interaction Design | Chulalongkorn University
Course Leaders: Joe Nattapol Suphawong

Course Year: 2013

A demo of a machine to teach children to read. You basically choose a letter to put in to the wooden square wholes on top of the box. The machine will then read out the letter itself, if you but many letter on top of the wooden box the machine will first spell the word, then read out the whole word.

The machine works like this: We had painted some wooden square with a letter on one side, and a TUIO protocol on the other. In our wooden box there is a camera that read the TUIO protocol, and trough the software MAX we made a connection from the TUIO protocol, which is basically a number, and this number activate a sound of a letter, and then the hard part of making the machine also reading out the word.